Oursourcing IT

We provide the complete range of support services to help our clients align their technology needs with their business goals.

Engage with our experts in the following areas:

  • Proactive Maintenance - our services helps our clients to keep their infrastructure stable and secure. Most maintenance tasks can be performed remotely, during scheduled maitenance widows, which reduces business disruption.
  • Support Center - our support center is managed by qualified and experienced technical staff.
  • Backup Systems & Procedures - our support sprocedures will ensure that all critical systems are included in backup routine and all data are stored in safe place.
  • Disaster Recovery & Planning - our experts will help you implement the appropriate procedures and technologies to protect your business and your data.

Project Management

We help our clients execute projects effectively and efficiently to tie projects to their business strategy and make sure they support organizational goals. Our project management services are focused on the successful delivery of a project based on the traditional metrics of scope, time, quality and cost. Carefull planning, resource management and risk mitigation help our client fulfill their business objectives and better compete in their markets.

Project management tailored to an organization’s culture brings value by improving:

  • The execution of strategy, through repeatable, reliable performance and standardization
  • The integration within the organization, through better communication and collaboration
  • The learning that a projectized organization undergoes as it explores new products, processes and markets

MS Office trainings

We provide instructor led, high quality IT training either at client premises or at our fully equipped IT training centre in Warsaw. Out training team specialises in delivering a comprehensive range of fully customised Microsoft Office courses. All training courses are prepared per client to suit your exact business requirements.

Main advantages of our trining courses:

  • We are committed to delivering high quality training
  • Our courses's scope and lenght is prepared based on the client request.
  • Our course can be taken in any place and time according to the client needs (during team meeting, etc)
  • Our course can be prepared based on the typical documents, tasks or functionalities client works on.

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