Technology health check

The Citrix Technology Health Check - this service enables our clients to evaluate the overall health of your Citrix environment. The main goal of this service is oo ensure that environment has been implemented according to Citrix best practices. As part of this service, an Citrix Consultant will visit your site and work alongside your Citrix administrators and support to determine how the Citrix infrastructure is being utilised. At the end of the evaluation the final documentation will be prepared contating the configuration and the overall health of the Citrix environment. High risk areas will be highlighted as well as recommendations for improvements.

Planning services

The Proof of Concept - this service is intended to demonstrate a power of centralised and standardised desktop and application delivery infrastructure. The standard POC includes the most important Citrix solutions: XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer, and Provisioning Services, which together play a key role to your unique environment. Conducting a POC is an important way to quickly validate preliminary assumptions regarding the use of Desktop Virtualisation within your organisation. We support our clients by providing evaluation software and experienced Citrix engineers to work alongside your IT Team to implement the POC. As part of the service free telephone support is also available for the first 30 days of the POC.

Support services

Our Technical Services helpdesk is mannaged by qualified and experienced technical staff. Our entire first level support memebers are CCA for XenApp or XenDesktop certified. All helpdesk calls are registered in desk system so problems can be tracked, reported and escalated. If necessary problems are reported directly to Citirx support for verification and support. Help desk service is provided on 365x24x7 basis if required. On-site support is available for issues that cannot be resolved remotely. This service can also be used to perform regular heath checks of the envinronment, or to provide additional support for local IT team. This service is available only in Poland.

Design and integration services

This service covers the major components of the Citrix product line. The Citrix Consultant determines and documents a best practice design of your Citrix architecture to meet the technical, business, and user requirements. The Infrastructure Design service is an important milestone prior to building and testing the solution.

Disaster Recovery Tests

Our Citrix Consultants were involved in many disaster recovery tests and are qualified to perform comprehensive and accurate disaster recovery test to validate and modify existing recovery plan to ensure business continuity in the face of disaster.

With Disaster Recovery Test we are able to:

  • dentify gaps in existing DR plan
  • Test and modify recovery procedures to ensure successfull restore
  • Clarify recovery roles and responsibilities
  • Clarify recovery resources and investments

Implementation services

Citrix Consulting Center prefer to work alongside your IT Department to provide skills and knowledge so that they have a thorough knowledge of the solution. If required we can manage the complete implementation of a Citrix Infrastructure and establish fully managed support services aftewards. We are certified to sell and implement the following Citrix Solutions

  • XenApp
  • XenDesktop
  • XenServer
  • Access Gateway
  • NetScaler

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