Microsoft Infrastructure

Infrastructure Business and Mission Critical ?

Our team of professionals are experts and experienced consultants in core Microsoft products and technologies. We work closely with our clients to adopt and deploy Microsoft technologies to create solutions that generate business value and foster innovation, while mitigating risk and maximizing the impact of your investments.

Improving business competitiveness and driving new key business capabilities through innovative uses of technology is critical in today’s dynamic marketplace.

We built our solutions based on the Microsoft products to allow our clients to take advantage of exisitng software and hardware while incorporating the latest technology advancements like SharePoint collaboration, Exchange Messaging and Active Directory.

The key factor of successfull project is the right choice of software and configuring it to optimally serve business needs for a faster ROI and rapid user adoption.

SharePoint Services

Looking for a way to reduce the cost of collaboration ?

We deliver a SharePoint solution to improve business processes and productivity. Single platform consolidating all sites used in organization - intranet and public sites, teams and collaboration space is the short way to simplify the infrastructure and reduce the IT management cost.

Our solutions leverages SharePoint 2010 and 2013 to create a collaborative environment that allows our clients to easy build new websites for document and information sharing. Power business people without involving IT staff are able to prepare new collaboration space for current projects and business needs.

SharePoint technology can be key platform in any organization and should be considered as a secure and reliable access point to company documents and information.

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Custom applications

Flexible and inovative technology solutions for any size organizations.

Building cost-effective custom enterprise applications is one of our core competencies. Our team of expert consultants has the technical expertise to understand the process from beginning to end, starting with choosing the right architecture and design and expert resourcing model. We successfully design, develop and deploy integrated custom solutions that increase reliability, simplify management issues, and reduce cost of operations. We drive a successful project, providing insight into the details of the development process to mitigate potential areas of loss or expenditure.

We can provide efficiency and transparency even while working within complex technological or business constraints during the development project.

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