Use SmartCoach in your Organization to ensure accurately targeted and cost effective development processes of your Sales Force ( coaching & training )

SmartCoach is part of a Mobile Intelligence platform dedicated to in-field coaching, ensuring benefits to all parts in business :

  • For Sales Representatives: SmartCoach allows them to observe all their sales visits rating
  • For Sales Managers: thanks to SmartCoach they are able to monitor the coaching results and conclude on coaching priorities in terms of people and skills. They can more easily integrate coaching results with other development processes
  • For Training Managers: by using SmartCoach they can easy select targets and topics for group training
  • For Marketing: SmartCoach enables them to make sure that the current marketing strategy is achieved
  • For Business Unit Heads: thanks to SmartCoach they are able to track effectiveness of coaching, number of coaching days and level of selling skills of the team and individuals

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SmartDasboard is a part of Mobile Intelligence platform that you can interact and personalize in ways that support the unique way you analyze data and make decisions. Predictive analytics based on historical information alongside current data wlll help you quickly move from insight to decision — all done in one dashboard.

The key benefits include:

  • Comprehensive user interface combining raw data and graphical indicators into single point of consolidated reports
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface with role-based views allowing everyone access data on demand
  • Advanced business intelligence platform which includes alerts, analytics and reports

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