SharePoint Managed Services

Cloud based SharePoint is not for you ?

We provide fully managed, secure and stable SharePoint sollution for our customers to run business-critical SharePoint applications and collaboration portals. Customers receive a customized service offering based upon their specific needs and service level requirements. Served application and portals can be available for external clients or integrated with customer domain.

SharePoint Implementation

What Sharepoint can do for your organization ?

The real value of SharePoint is delivered through a solution where all components and features are configured properly and are working together. We can proof that our experts can set up comprehensive customer solution where power of SharePoint is fully utilised.

Our projects include:

  • Install and configure SharePoint server farm
  • Deploy internal colaboration sites
  • Deploy extranet or public sites
  • Migrate existing farm to the new version

SharePoint Applications

Your Success Is Our Goal and Our Passion

Our solutions take advantages of Microsoft SharePoint as the platform and core foundation for the business solutions by including native SharePoint capabilities combined with custom-developed functionality. Customized applications offer a unique way for the organization to stand out from its competitors, uniquely address your business needs and enables businesses of any size to obtain value from their business data.

The opportunities and challenges we can help you with include:

  • Driving business differentiation and competitive advantage.
  • Transforming and introducing new services faster.
  • Optimizing flexibility for your business on-premises and in the cloud.

SharePoint Branding

Make SharePoint Site truly yours.

Branding SharePoint sites is considered mandatory to reinforce corporate look and standards and to create a more effective collaboration experience. Our solutions allows corporate users customize the look and feel of a site. This can range from simple changes like setting a site logo and theme, changing the user experience with custom styles and master pages to completely changing how SharePoint and its user inteface work.

We specialize in project for customers using higly restricted and centrally controled corporate SharePoint farms with no option to install custom webparts, modify master page template and change the farm-wide settings. Our SharePoint branding solutions allow our clients create unique, consistent webstites for local markets and departments with positive user experience which are aligned with corporate requirements and policies.

Business Intelligence

Personalised reports from any data

Today's Business Intelligence solutions are costly to develop, difficult to maintain and rarely provide all the information users need to improve their business. We give to a business the power to easily build and create the reports they need – when they need them. This solution works with the systems and data they already have and could be shared in a collaborative environment.

Our Business Intelligence solution provides:

  • A cost effective, end-to-end business intelligence platform.
  • The ability to quickly disseminate the right information, internally and externally.
  • A familiar work environment that builds on users’ existing skills and procedures.
  • Better decision-making across the board through shared information.

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